Thursday, February 23, 2012

Please Excuse Me!

Here is my precious Kalai!!! He is more wonderful than I could ever hope for!!! Please excuse my absence...I was busy being miserable and pregnant and was having a very hard time (impossible) finding awesome pictures of myself to post ;) We have been doing a lot of this....

He hangs out in here sometimes...

And...I think I NEED a new camera so I can get better pics...

I am completely in love and I just need to loose a hundred pounds so I can get back to my modeling career! ;)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Messy Life

I just cant keep up with the house lately and I have a perfectly good excuse! Its Small Fry! Pono said why dont you just start taking pictures and make a scrapbook so you dont get mad at him. Here is a few weeks worth....Koa's birhday cake...notice the finger that he just cant hold back. His foot ended up in the cake...I didnt get a pic it was gross.
Stamp pad sister was using. Wish I got a body shot.
Helping cook....sugar on the floor....

My new smudge pot....

Joint compound....

Now this is the doosey...he put a disclosure tablet from the dentist in my bun and when I washed my hair it dyed a huge patch blue (its all underneath and on the other side too) Had to get it bleached out...I actually like my new lighter doo.

He's out of control....
He still loves to cuddle and tells me I look beau-iful and loves to go everywhere I go. He brings more joy to me than I could have ever imagined possible. He is hillarious and sweet.... so Ill keep him.....forever.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My My My Telephone

Im trying to figure out how to post heres Noa in all his awesomeness. You dont have to thank me.

Lemonade Stand! Yay!

Kids: We want to make a lemonade stand to make money for our $300 halloween costumes we saw in a dumb catalog that came in the mail (I'm paraphrasing)!
Me: (Cringe) I dont know you guys...everyone is at work and its a really hot day (105) and we live on a culdesac and don't worry I'll get you guys costumes and, and, and....
Kids: We want to! We want to! We really want to and were not gonna let it go!
How can I say no and crush thier entrepreneurial, self sufficient, hard working spirits??? They worked so nicely together to make thier sign, lemonade, get thier table ready, etc. Though I cringe knowing maybe one person will come and theyll be so sad! Here they are setting up...hope and dollar signs in thier eyes! Worry in mine...please SOME kind soul come and do something for my kids that I cant! (okay thats a little dramatic but true!) Some time has passed...Im trying to keep it fun. How about some pictures of what a great job you guys did! I gave them some money to buy their own from each other.

My knights in shining armor! Daddy and Uncle Martin home for lunch and to the rescue! Our only customers of the day! I think they still had fun and bought some gumballs with their earnings. It kinda broke my heart but I guess its all part of growing up. They want to sell otter pops at the pool next week. CRINGE! Thats not happening! Oh yeah and it all ended with them spilling the entire pitcher of lemonade on my front room carpet! Wow, that was fun! Whatta ya do?!?!?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kalena's First Concert!

A few weeks ago Kalena's music teacher in school was teaching about stringed instruments. Kalena said, "I play a stringed intsrument. I play the ukulele." Her teacher asked her to bring it in and play for the class. She called me right after class and said, "I'd like to invite Kalena to play in our upcoming school concert for fourth through seventh grade." I told her she is shy in front of a lot of people but I think it would be a great experience for her. She played a song she already knew well. She was soooooo nervous and I was so nervous for her. The auditorium was full! You can tell in the video she was beyond nervous, but she still played the heck out of her ukulele and sung even though it was very quietly with her head down! She said she didnt want to see everyone watching her. The end is the cutest when she hops down like, "Get me outa here!" I am so proud of her for making it through! She LOVES to play her ukulele and usually there is a sparkle in her eye as she plays and sings! I love my little Kalena and so proud of all that she is. She loves everything and everyone and joy cant help but follow her everywhere!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We tried a tri!

Me and mom decided to mosey on down to tempee this weekend and rock the sherox triathalon! We decided months ago and set out to train these old bods to be able to do a half mile swim, 12 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run! I had been training hard on the running end with some other women in the early morning but wasnt so sure about my swim or bike. Mom is a great swimmer and biker who hadnt hit the running trail as often as she would have liked. Good news we both finished and felt we were able to do our best! (for now) Who knew how much fun working yourself into complete exhaution could be! This is the sea of bikes in the transition was a beautiful day but HOT during the run, in the 90s at least! Before the swim...I had some other friends there but didnt get good pics :( It was sooo fun to see Amy, Monica, and Lindsey there!

Im the third one back just getting out of the water running into trasition onto my bike.

I had the cutest cheerleaders! All the kids were so excited...they brought along the sign Tessa, Leah and Lexie made for me! Thanks guys!

They had to wait around a lot!

Heres mom coming in to the finish! She made it in under two hours & that was her goal! Go mom!

Heres me kicking it in! I made it in 1 hour 45 min and totally spent! I didnt know exactly what to expect of myself and was really happy with my time....with more training Im excited to improve my time!!! The swim was 22 min, 52 min bike (slower than was grueling) and 26 min run! Not bad for a girl with ample fat stores! ( Im not trying to put myself down Im just biased and think everythings easier for skinny girls)

The Redheads dominate! Victory is ours!....Not quite...but we had a real good time.

Ready to do it again! Who is with me?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I talked Pono into taking me to the dental school's formal a few weeks ago! Beth and Kyle took the kids for us and we were off for an evening of dining and dancing! I think its only been since our honeymoon weve done dinner and dancing! My favorite thing to do is dance the night away!!! So I stretched out, practiced my cabbage patch and kid n' play and was ready for the partay! (I cant WAIT to chaparone my kid's dances)! LOL I was so proud of myself for not being fussy and having to get a new dress. I didnt really care what I wore for some reason. I wore one I dont really like out of the closet thinking it was fine. Im so not high school anymore! When we showed up at the dance two of my friends were in gold/champaigne dresses too. Ha ha! We were some of the few in sleeves and all in matchy matchys! OH NO THEY DI-ENT!!!! Love those girls! We had a blast!