Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I talked Pono into taking me to the dental school's formal a few weeks ago! Beth and Kyle took the kids for us and we were off for an evening of dining and dancing! I think its only been since our honeymoon weve done dinner and dancing! My favorite thing to do is dance the night away!!! So I stretched out, practiced my cabbage patch and kid n' play and was ready for the partay! (I cant WAIT to chaparone my kid's dances)! LOL I was so proud of myself for not being fussy and having to get a new dress. I didnt really care what I wore for some reason. I wore one I dont really like out of the closet thinking it was fine. Im so not high school anymore! When we showed up at the dance two of my friends were in gold/champaigne dresses too. Ha ha! We were some of the few in sleeves and all in matchy matchys! OH NO THEY DI-ENT!!!! Love those girls! We had a blast!


  1. ha ha ha ha!!!! You stretched out and practiced your cabbage patch??!!!! You are friggin' hilarious!!!! :) :) I totally think you really did too... And, I have a feeling your kids might ask you NOT to chaparone dances.. just a feeling...

  2. You are lookin sexy girl! How fun to get dressed up. Love your blog by the way...can't wait to check in again!