Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lemonade Stand! Yay!

Kids: We want to make a lemonade stand to make money for our $300 halloween costumes we saw in a dumb catalog that came in the mail (I'm paraphrasing)!
Me: (Cringe) I dont know you guys...everyone is at work and its a really hot day (105) and we live on a culdesac and don't worry I'll get you guys costumes and, and, and....
Kids: We want to! We want to! We really want to and were not gonna let it go!
How can I say no and crush thier entrepreneurial, self sufficient, hard working spirits??? They worked so nicely together to make thier sign, lemonade, get thier table ready, etc. Though I cringe knowing maybe one person will come and theyll be so sad! Here they are setting up...hope and dollar signs in thier eyes! Worry in mine...please SOME kind soul come and do something for my kids that I cant! (okay thats a little dramatic but true!) Some time has passed...Im trying to keep it fun. How about some pictures of what a great job you guys did! I gave them some money to buy their own from each other.

My knights in shining armor! Daddy and Uncle Martin home for lunch and to the rescue! Our only customers of the day! I think they still had fun and bought some gumballs with their earnings. It kinda broke my heart but I guess its all part of growing up. They want to sell otter pops at the pool next week. CRINGE! Thats not happening! Oh yeah and it all ended with them spilling the entire pitcher of lemonade on my front room carpet! Wow, that was fun! Whatta ya do?!?!?


  1. You ARE a good momma... Thank goodness for daddy to save the day and buy something!

  2. Giving them money to buy from each other - genius!

  3. To the rescue! That's awesome.