Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Messy Life

I just cant keep up with the house lately and I have a perfectly good excuse! Its Small Fry! Pono said why dont you just start taking pictures and make a scrapbook so you dont get mad at him. Here is a few weeks worth....Koa's birhday cake...notice the finger that he just cant hold back. His foot ended up in the cake...I didnt get a pic it was gross.
Stamp pad sister was using. Wish I got a body shot.
Helping cook....sugar on the floor....

My new smudge pot....

Joint compound....

Now this is the doosey...he put a disclosure tablet from the dentist in my bun and when I washed my hair it dyed a huge patch blue (its all underneath and on the other side too) Had to get it bleached out...I actually like my new lighter doo.

He's out of control....
He still loves to cuddle and tells me I look beau-iful and loves to go everywhere I go. He brings more joy to me than I could have ever imagined possible. He is hillarious and sweet.... so Ill keep him.....forever.


  1. wow Kassie!! He's definitely keeping you busy isn't he? But it must be hard to stay too mad at him when he's so sweet and cuddly. :) I'm sure he'll end up being an awesome daddy/hubby when he's older and you'll have some great stories to tell him about the crazy stuff he did when he was little. :)

  2. You will be so thankful you documented this! I can't believe your hair! CRAZY, but very cute, kid!

  3. I love him sooooo much!!!!, I do whish you would have taken a before and after of you hair.

  4. ha, that crazy kid. you are so fun and such a good mom, i bet half the time he doesn't get in trouble cause you are laughin at him.:0 love that have the cutest fam...

  5. I'll vouch for those cake fingers. He has turned more than one set of cupcakes upside down on me and I'm pretty experienced with wily 3 yr olds myself;) He's a sly and brilliant one that boy is!

  6. I freakin' love small fry...that face is too cute to get TOO mad :) :)

  7. He is way to cute!!! Love that you are taking pictures of all of it. Boys!!! Miss you!