Sunday, May 9, 2010

We tried a tri!

Me and mom decided to mosey on down to tempee this weekend and rock the sherox triathalon! We decided months ago and set out to train these old bods to be able to do a half mile swim, 12 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run! I had been training hard on the running end with some other women in the early morning but wasnt so sure about my swim or bike. Mom is a great swimmer and biker who hadnt hit the running trail as often as she would have liked. Good news we both finished and felt we were able to do our best! (for now) Who knew how much fun working yourself into complete exhaution could be! This is the sea of bikes in the transition was a beautiful day but HOT during the run, in the 90s at least! Before the swim...I had some other friends there but didnt get good pics :( It was sooo fun to see Amy, Monica, and Lindsey there!

Im the third one back just getting out of the water running into trasition onto my bike.

I had the cutest cheerleaders! All the kids were so excited...they brought along the sign Tessa, Leah and Lexie made for me! Thanks guys!

They had to wait around a lot!

Heres mom coming in to the finish! She made it in under two hours & that was her goal! Go mom!

Heres me kicking it in! I made it in 1 hour 45 min and totally spent! I didnt know exactly what to expect of myself and was really happy with my time....with more training Im excited to improve my time!!! The swim was 22 min, 52 min bike (slower than was grueling) and 26 min run! Not bad for a girl with ample fat stores! ( Im not trying to put myself down Im just biased and think everythings easier for skinny girls)

The Redheads dominate! Victory is ours!....Not quite...but we had a real good time.

Ready to do it again! Who is with me?


  1. WOW! Way to go Girls! Only in my dreams could I do what you girls just did. Amazing. I love your little cheerleaders too. Adorable.

  2. Wahooooo!!! You're the best Kassie!! I'm so impressed with your running/biking/swimming skillz. You look awesome running, btw. :)

  3. Wow, what great times. A 26 min 5K after those 2 events!? Very impressive. Thanks for sharing all the fun pics and tell your Mom I hope I can be just like her when I grow up.

  4. Oops after I read that I realized I really ran a 27 min run. I guess I thought I was Amy for a second! Tried to edit it only would let me look at drafts....whats up with that?

  5. You are a STUD. I think you're cool. That's all I have to say about that.

  6. Kassie, you R.O.C.K. You are amazing and inspiring. One day I will do one with you:)