Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wild Style

It was your typical Saturday morning....laundry, chores, haircuts. Here's Koa getting hooked up by Pono. Now, Noa's been wanting his hair cut for the fact he keeps bringing me the clippers and asking for one. Well he saw Koa getting his cut and the wheels started turning.This is from the very front top of Noas head. You know the part you see first when you see him. Something had to be done...dont worry Pono stepped right up to the challenge...

This is what I walked in on! Noas Kung Fu was so strong, I had to leave it a few days.
FYI...its very entertaining to bring your kids to church with an extreme hairstyle and watch everyone react or try not to. Classic! I actually think he can pull it off being the over the top wild child he is!


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  2. Hi there. Love the pics and look how pretty your blog is too. Such nice flowers. Glad your SIL isn't excited to be in different states. Just clicked on hers and she's hilarious about Chuck E. Cheese. I'll try to make up the difference for you when the family leaves. See you in the a.m.

  3. Do whatever you want to their hair. It doesn't matter - you can't TOUCH their cuteness!