Monday, March 22, 2010

Disneyland Overnighter

I have ALWAYS had a childhood dream to spend the night at Disneyland. I could sneak into the bathroom or find a spot on Tom Sawyers island evade the closing staff and wake up in the park. If you wish upon a star your dreams come true! Mom and Ali took us to the Grande California Resort for two nights and we had a blast! This is the view from our room!

Goofy's Kitchen was soooo fun! The kids really loved it as much as they loved the park!

My man Micheal! Weve reached the homing beakon! Captain EO was as great and exciting as I remembered. You know how sometimes you see things you liked as a kid and think, why did I like that (ie...Family Matters, Alf etc.). Not the case! I knew I was a cool kid!


  1. Nice blog :) I'm happy you are doing this - and I will be especially happy when I am not in the same state as you. Just wanted to tell you I posted the beach pictures and I got some CUTE ones! :)

  2. Kyle was looking at your blog and read my comment and said "RUDE.. that didn't come out right!" What I meant was I am glad you have a blog and will be REALLY glad you have a blog when I am not living in the same state as you and don't get to see you guys a lot. THEN I will be really happy I can check your blog and see your faces! Make more sense? He just pointed out that it sounded like I was especially happy that I won't be living in the same state as you. NOT the case :) Ok, I feel better now that I cleared that up!